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While formulas are useful for tying fly leaders, they seldom make for interesting reading. Pulp Fly was created to provide a venue that expands the boundaries of what sporting writing can be, and to make it available to new audiences. Volume Two in the Pulp Fly series not only rises to that challenge, but blows it out of the water with a collection of the most diverse and creative authors writing about the sport today, assembled under one digital roof. Have you had your Pulp today?

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Product Description

This is the second volume in the Pulp Fly anthology series. Composed of some of the finest sporting writers that exist today, Pulp Fly Volume Two stands on its own.


Erin Block lives in the mountains of Colorado and is a librarian by day, writer by night, and avid fly angler on her days off. She is the author of “The View From Coal Creek: Reflections on Fly Rods, Canyons and Bamboo” (Whitefish Press 2012), is a contract fly designer with Umpqua Feather Merchants, news curator for MidCurrent, as well as a regular contributor to TROUT Magazine. Her writing can also be found on her blog, mysteriesinternal.blogspot.com.

Tosh Brown is a writer, photographer, and small-press publisher from Austin, Texas. He has written and photographed four books, and his essays and short fiction appear regularly in Gray’s Sporting Journal, The Drake, and Flyfish Journal. With both kids out of the nest, Tosh plans to spend the foreseeable future traveling with his wife, and extending his streak of 28 years without wearing a tie to work. Tosh’s books and publishing projects can be found at www.departurepublishing.com. To browse his photography archives, visit toshbrown.com.

Matt Dunn used to be a fishing guide in Michigan. Now he lives in New York State and makes beer for a living. He runs www.fishbeer.com.

Michael Gracie is a finance, accounting, and information technology advisor who steadfastly believes fly-fishing is the cure for his embarrassing golf handicap. Michael’s writing credits span milcomms technology to fly rod selling. He has architected websites for doctors, lawyers and retired fishing guides, and provides strategic, financial and technology planning support to numerous sporting-related endeavors. He can be found purveying useful tidbits on fine dining, wedding crashing, and swinging flies at michaelgracie.com.

Sarah Grigg arrived as a trout research intern on the Henry’s Fork in 2003 better equipped for a Sotheby’s auction than a salmon fly hatch. Since then, she’s become a professional Jill-Of-All-Trades, working as a grizzly and wolverine trapper and ranch manager. In her free time, she writes about charismatic megafauna and cage fights in Butte, MT. View her work at www.shgrigg.com.

Chris Hunt is the national communications director for Trout Unlimited and a freelance writer focusing on fly fishing. He lives in Idaho Falls with his family, and can be found wandering the backcountry streams of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana—where he searches carefully for evidence of unknown bipeds wandering the woods. He can also be found at www.eatmorebrooktrout.com.

Alex Landeen is a perpetual student of the camera, the page, and the fly rod. Find him on the web at www.fatguyflyfishing.com and www.landeenphotography.com.

Pete McDonald is a writer, magazine editor and Florida expatriate now based in New York. He is the author of the book The Blitz: Fly Fishing The Atlantic Migration. He blogs at www.fishingjones.com.

Tom Reed lives on a small ranch outside Pony, Montana, where he maintains a herd of English setter bird dogs and a flock of elk hunting horses. A life-long Westerner and outdoorsman, Reed has authored four books, works for Trout Unlimited and writes a regular column for the magazine, TROUT. He is a contributor to the upland bird hunting blog, Mouthful of Feathers and numerous sporting publications such as Fly Fisherman, Bugle and Wyoming Wildlife. For more information, visit www.tomreedbooks.com.

Will Rice is a freelance journalist and a contributing editor for The Drake magazine. He’s written for the Denver Post, Salt Water Fly Fishing, Flyfish Journal, Fly Rod & Reel and Angling Trade. Will grew up fishing for bass in upstate NY but has lived in Colorado for the past 15 years, where he can usually be found enjoying the cityscape or nearby mountains with his wife Sara and their dog Brooker.

Bruce Smithhammer can usually be found throwing flies at anything that swims, chasing a hell-bent shorthair pointer around the West, flinging arrows at ungulates and otherwise contemplating the vicissitudes of the sporting life. His scribblings can be found at www.mouthfuloffeathers.com, www.busterwantstofish.com, The Drake, Flyfish Journal, Fly Rod & Reel, Angling Trade, and probably a few other places. www.brucesmithhammer.com

Matt Smythe finally decided that hunting and gathering for his family’s table is a far better way to make a living than grinding out a nine-to-five. From his Upstate NY home, Matt splits his time between freelance marketing consulting work, time in the woods and on the water with his kids and writing his blog, www.fishingpoet.com.

Bob White was constantly nose-deep in the outdoor books and sporting magazines of his boyhood, which he preferred to doing his homework. After wandering between Alaska and Patagonia for more than two decades as an itinerant fishing guide, he now paints and writes for a living. Bob’s excellent artwork and more can be found at www.bobwhitestudio.com.


Special thanks goes out to…

  • Bob White, who created the cover art for Volume Two
  • Alex Landeen, who created the Pulp Fly logo
  • Nadir Yasin, who created our writers’ contract
  • Pulp Fly Volume Two was edited by Bruce Smithhammer and Michael Gracie
  • Pulp Fly Volume Two was produced by Michael Gracie


  1. The Admin


    “Upon finishing both volumes, perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay Pulp Fly is that these are not stories about fly fishing. The fishing serves as a motif, a thread to tie the very different pieces together. These stories are about people. They are all people who fly fish, sure, but the act of fishing is merely a stroke of characterization, which for me, serves to strengthen the pieces because I find myself connected to them through this shared passion.”

    - Proportions of Mythical Fish, Blog Review

  2. The Admin


    I say another winner – September 12, 2013

    Great. Better than the first one if that is possible. Short stories were very short, but one flowed right to the next until it was over. And so soon! By Eric, Amazon Review

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