Pulp Fly Volume One


The title, “Pulp Fly” plays on the pulp fiction phenomenon of the early 20th century, when an explosion of periodicals published on cheap paper brought new and unconventional voices to a wide audience. History is being repeated in the 21st century with the advent of the e-book, an inexpensive way to bring new fly-fishing writing to “print.”

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Some contributors to this project have written professionally for established fly-fishing publications such as The Drake, Grays Sporting Journal, Fly Rod & Reel, and Fly Fish Journal among others, while a few of the writers are making their voices heard for the first time.


Ralph Bartholdt is an avid fly caster who spends most of his time on North Idaho’s fabled fisheries with occasional jaunts into Montana. A former newspaperman turned Keller Williams Realtor in Coeur d’Alene, Bartholdt is working on a book of fiction, and a guidebook to Lake Coeur d’Alene, scheduled for release in 2012.

Alex Cerveniak can think of a billion other things he would rather do than write a self-promoting bio. Examples include: fly fishing, fly tying, hunting, snowboarding, reading, writing, photography, ice fishing, and volunteering for local conservation clubs. If you’re into that kind of stuff, too, you should check out Alex’s blog, alexkain.com/category/blog/

Matt Dunn lives in Michigan and guides on the Pere Marquette River. He maintains www.fishbeer.com and www.thirdcoastfly.com.

Davin Ebanks is a marginally self-employed bonefish guide who hails from the isolated coral rock called Grand Cayman Island. A glass-sculptor by trade, by inclination he pursues bonefish, tarpon, and permit (and, frankly, any other fish) as time and finances warrant. He occasionally writes about it on his blog, www.flatswalker.com, and can also be found at http://www.fish-bones.com/

Michael Gracie is a sometimes information technology and finance consultant and a full-time fly-fishing junkie. Michael’s writing credits include Military Information Technology and Angling Trade, as well as architecting fly-fishing oriented websites such as MidCurrent. He can be found purveying useful tidbits on a variety of subjects (but weighted towards fly-fishing) at michaelgracie.com.

Alex Landeen is a perpetual student of the camera, the page, and the fly rod. He also enjoys a good science fiction book from time to time. Find him on the web at www.fatguyflyfishing.com and www.landeenphotography.com

Pete McDonald is a writer, magazine editor and Florida expatriate now based in New York. He is the author of the book The Blitz: Fly Fishing The Atlantic Migration. He blogs at fishingjones.com

Bruce Smithhammer can usually be found throwing flies at anything that swims, chasing a hell-bent shorthair pointer around the West, flinging arrows at ungulates and otherwise contemplating the vicissitudes of the sporting life. His scribblings can be found at www.mouthfuloffeathers.com, busterwantstofish.com, The Drake, Fly Fish Journal, Fly Rod & Reel, Angling Trade, and probably a few other places. www.brucesmithhammer.com

Matt Smythe finally decided that hunting and gathering for his family’s table is a far better way to make a living than grinding out a nine-to-five. From his Upstate NY home, Matt splits his time between freelance marketing consulting work, time in the woods and on the water with his kids and writing his blog, www.fishingpoet.com.

Bjorn Stromsness is from the mountains of Northern California where he learned to fish for trout and steelhead. Bjorn has been fishing since he was four and fly fishing for the past 15 years, but it wasn’t until just a few years ago on a family trip to Hawaii that he saw his first bonefish. After seeing a real monster bonefish up close (but not on the line), he became a little bit obsessed. Bjorn now writes the Bonefish on the Brain blog, updated daily, as a way to deal with his addiction: bonefishonthebrain.com

Bob White was constantly nose-deep in the outdoor books and sporting magazines of his boyhood, which he preferred to doing his homework. After wandering between Alaska and Patagonia for more than two decades as an itinerant fishing guide, he now paints and writes for a living. Bob’s excellent artwork (which graces the cover of Volume One), and more, can be found at www.bobwhitestudio.com.


Special thanks goes out to…

  • Bob White, who created the Volume One cover art
  • Alex Landeen, who created the Pulp Fly logo
  • Nadir Yasin, who created our writers’ contract
  • Michael Gracie, who did the production

And of course our tireless editors, Kirk Deeter, Bruce Smithhammer, and Pete McDonald.


  1. The Admin


    “What happened to good writing in fly fishing? Well, you have to be tactful to find it anymore, meaning you have to look beyond grip-and-grins and childish rants, if you want to find depth in words, a story around the accomplishment and requisite hoisting photos. To make it easy on you, check out Pulp Fly…”

    - Greg Thomas, Angler’s Tonic

  2. The Admin


    ” ….These characters, they are all mirrors. Reflections. And the stories in Pulp Fly do as all good ones should, they tell us a little something about ourselves.”

    - Erin Block, Mysteries Internal

  3. The Admin


    “Pulp fly is to reading what a first kiss is to a teen. Short, sweet and over all to soon, yet unforgettable even in its brevity….There is some darned fine writing in this book. Don’t be surprised if you hear from some of these authors again as their writing careers take off.”

    - C. N. Cantella, Amazon Review

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